Who We Are

Eclectic Educators is a Non-Profit Educational Consulting Organization. We provide quality educational instruction for those parents interested in homeschooling their children, but need someone who meets the home schooling credentials, while they earn a living away from home. We also host a network of affiliate educators, community organizers, and entrepreneurs for parents and students to make connections with.

How We Got Started

This company began as a tutoring service for children with special needs. As we began to tutor general education students, we turned our attention to ensuring students began to master the art of reading.  In 2014, the company began facilitating summer reading camps. The camp included field trips, test prep, reading and dictionary skills, restorative justice, and nutrition classes. After seeing the successes with our program, we decided to offer homeschooling

What We Offer

· Pre and Post Test Services (SSAT)
· Individual Education Plan
· Individualized Tutoring
· Documentation of attendance, grades, and testing for
  the parent to provide to the district if needed.
· Standardized test administration (grades 5 & 7)
· Small and safe home environment
· Small class
· Parent network
· Online access to educational materials via our website
· Educational Consultation

Academic Development

Eclectic Educators offers a holistic and natural approach to learning. We understand that education is not just about standardized tests and grades. We also understand that there is a demographic of parents who want to homeschool their children and are not available to supervise them during regular school hours. There are those parents too, who are struggling to pay thousands of dollars a month only because they need to ‘house” their child in a safe place. We offer a small & safe home environment. Our educational approach focuses on grammar, the arts, the sciences, mathematics and arithmetic. Each pupil will receive individualized educational diagnostics and tutoring (5 hours per week on deficit areas), community based instruction, conflict resolution & communication classes, whole food nutrition & wellness courses as well as civics.